Q. Do all teammates need to be Tribe members?
A. Yes. From 2021, to gain 48-hour priority entry, every person entered in the team MUST be a Tribe member. During the registration process, you will asked to input all teammates email addresses, this is the email address they have signed up to Tribe with. This will be cross referenced and teams will be cancelled unless all riders are active members.  It’s best if each team member create their own Transmoto Tribe Account individually, it only takes a few minutes to sign up.

Q. What benefits do I get as part of my Tribe Plus Membership?
A. Tribe Plus Member Benefits include:

  • 48 hours of priority-entry access to all Transmoto events, including the current Enduro Event series and any other future events where entries are sold.  In recent years, these events have sold out in minutes, so this give’s you the best change of scoring a spot.
  • A Transmoto Tribe Plus Member Pack*, which includes:
    • Premium Transmoto T-Shirt
    • Transmoto ‘Logo’ T-Shirt
    • Sticker Pack
    • When All Else Fails Drink Beer Metal Wallet Bottle Opener
    • Transmoto  ‘Don’t Follow Me I’m Lost Too’ Stubby Cooler
    • * Please note, Tribe member pack available on $159 memberships only.
  • A 15% discount on all Transmoto apparel and accessories
  • Monthly special offers from leading dirt bike brands, such as discounts on products and exclusive giveaways

Q. What are the benefits of becoming a Tribe Plus Member over a regular Tribe Member?
Becoming a Transmoto Tribe Plus Member still gives you all the great benefits that you get with a regular Tribe Membership, but, for the $159 price tag (oppose to the $98 price for regular Tribe) you will recieve an exclusive Transmoto Tribe Plus Member pack (worth $100) shipped to your front door.

Q. How does the priority entry to Transmoto enduro events work?
A. As a member of Tribe, your email address will be added to an exclusive database. Then, 48 hours before an event’s entries go live to the general public, we will email you a link  to the online entry system only accessible when logged into your Tribe account, along with a heads-up about all the information you’ll need to complete the team’s entry. To ensure that you retain that 48-hour priority-entry access, your Tribe membership will auto-renew at the end of each annual membership term. Please note that ALL teammates must be members of Transmoto Tribe to gain 48-hour priority entry.

Q. I have attended your event(s) before and used to receive priority entry, Will I still receive this?
A. Because the pool of previous event entrants has become so large, the only fair way for us to now offer priority entry into our events is via Transmoto Tribe. So, by joining Tribe, you’ll be giving yourself (and your teammates) the best chance of scoring an entry into our increasingly popular events before they sell out (which often happens within 24 hours).

Q. Can I share my priority event entry info or other member benefits with friends who aren’t part of the Tribe?
A. For everything to be fair and equal, only the member of Tribe will receive priority event entry & benefits. So, no, you can’t pass it on to your friends. This means that all entries prior to public launch will be cross-referenced, and those who are not Tribe members will be removed and cancelled.

Q. When do I receive my Transmoto Tribe Member Pack?
A. We will send out your member pack once your payment has been cleared. However, in some cases, it may take up to three weeks to arrive.

Q. How do I redeem my 15% discount on Transmoto apparel & accessories?
A. You can access this offer and any special monthly deals in the ‘MY ACCOUNT’ section of the site under ‘Member Offers’.

Q. How do I sign up for Transmoto Tribe?
A. Click on the ‘JOIN TRIBE’ link at the top of the site and follow the prompts to sign up.

Q. Can I sign up my teammates to Transmoto Tribe?
A. It’s better if each membership is created and paid for by the individual signing up to Tribe as they will need to use their own credit card details.

Q. After my membership period has ended, do I continue to be charged?
A. To make sure you have ongoing 48 Hour priority access, your membership will auto renew at the end of each membership term via a system called E-Way.  We will send you an email letting you know it’s coming up and if you don’t want to renew just let us know, hopefully you see the value of it and stay part of the program!

Q. Can I cancel the automatic renewal of my Transmoto Tribe membership?
Yes, you can cancel the automatic renewal of your tribe membership at any time, but this means that your subscription will cancel itself at the end of your 12-month term. You can do so in the ‘MY ACCOUNT’ section of the site under ‘Subscriptions’ , click ‘View’ and press the ‘Cancel’ button. Please note that we do not offer any refunds on membership fees that you’ve received the benefit of.

Q. Can I cancel my Tribe membership?
Yes, you can cancel your tribe membership at any time, this means that all member benefits will be ceased immediately. Please note we do not offer any refunds on membership fees. If you wish to cancel this please email

Q. I’ve forgotten my Transmoto Tribe account password?
A. Click on the ‘LOGIN’ button and click the ‘Lost Your password’ link.

Q. How do I change my account password and account details?
A. Your password, email address and full name can be updated in the ‘MY ACCOUNT’ section of the site under ‘Account Details’.

Q. How do I change my billing and shipping address?
A. You can change your billing &/or shipping details in your ‘MY ACCOUNT’ section of the site under ‘Addresses’.

Q. Can I view payments I have made?
A. Yes, your billing history is available to view in the ‘MY ACCOUNT’ section of the site under ‘Orders’.

Q. What are the terms and conditions of Transmoto tribe?
A. Our terms and conditions can be viewed here.