One Event Competition Licence – Theory Test
(2020 Transmoto 8-Hour at Coffs Harbour)

Supplement to Starting Out in Motorcycle Sport

  • Motorcycling Australia is committed to the improvement of motorcycle racing throughout Australia.
    Part of this commitment includes a stringent licence testing procedure aimed to ensure the safety of all those involved with motorcycle events. This is in addition to the test alternatives contained in the General Competition Rules (GCRs).

    Licence Testing
    Theory Test
    The licence testing involves a theory test of 9 questions based on the “Starting Out in Motorcycle Sport” booklet distributed by MA. The pass mark is 100%. The test is designed to test the applicant on a variety of safety, track craft and rider responsibility areas.
    This is an open-book test and can be done at your leisure and marked by a club secretary.

    Machine preparation and scrutineering
    Machine examination is to ensure rider safety and fairness. Safety is paramount as a machine that breaks down during competition has the ability to injure not only the rider but officials and spectators as well. Therefore, it is vital that all machines presented for machine examination comply with the rules regarding that facet of the sport. In addition, there are a number of rules which apply to the entire racing community.
    The following may be checked on your machine at scrutineering or at an equivalent test:

    • noise emissions do not exceed 112dB(a) at 2 metres
    • throttle must be self-closing
    • brake and clutch free play and effectiveness
    • wheel and frame bearings
    • chain adjustment
    • no fluid leaks (oil, coolant, brake fluid)
    • handlebar ends must be plugged and hand levers must be ball ended
    • centre and side stand removal (except Moto Trials and Enduro machines)
    • nitrous oxide and nitro methane is allowed in drag racing and speed record attempts only

    Safety clothing
    MA strongly recommends that riders obtain the best clothing and safety equipment available. These must include a helmet carrying Australian Standard 1698 approval (or approval by FIM Technical Rules), boots, gloves, goggles/visor, back protector and the racing outfit required for the particular event. The GCRs contain a full list of machine and clothing requirements.

    Drugs and intoxicants in sport
    Drugs, alcohol and sport do not mix. MA adheres to the policies set out by the Australian Sports Commission and to the International Olympic Committee listing of banned substances and definition of doping. Random drug and/or alcohol testing will be carried out at MA endorsed competitions. The steward of the meeting will notify the rider (s) randomly selected for testing. Some of the banned drugs include alcohol, stimulants, anabolic steroids, marijuana, diuretics, beta-blockers, narcotic analgesics, and peptide hormones and analogues. There are severe penalties for anyone found to be using these substances.

    MA has a system in place for the hearing of any protests or complaints. First, the protest is made in writing, accompanied by the appropriate fee. This is given to the Clerk of Course of the meeting. The protest will be heard by the Steward and must comply with the time limits described in the protest and appeals section of the GCRs.

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